Nature's Linen® Industrial

Nature’s Linen disposable towel and wiper products are perfect for commercial and industrial use. Made of reinforced, lint-free, non-abrasive material, these products can handle any cleaning or drying job with minimal maintenance.

Nature's Linen Continuous Roll Towels

Nature's Linen Continuous Roll Towels (CRT)

Nature’s Linen Continuous Roll Towels (CRT)

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Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels are the alternative to traditional cloth roll towel and standard paper towel hand drying.  There are key benefits to using the Nature’s Linen Roll Towels:

  • Nature’s Linen roll towels are easily disposed of with other waste. Often times in the laundry process, stains on cloth rolls are cut out and mended leaving the roll shortened. Each roll of Nature’s Linen Roll Towel is guaranteed to be same length each and every time - 9-3/4" wide x 110'-0" long. Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels, from Midwest Specialty Products are reinforced with polyester strands making the towel very durable and difficult to tear. 
    • Nature's Linen Continuous Roll Towels (CRT) available in
      • 4 ply white
      • 4 ply Blue
  • Nature's Linen CRT: A Green Alternative

    Learn more about how Nature's Linen Continuous Roll Towels can be a green alternative to cloth CRTs.

    Because the paper-based roll, like cloth rolls, is continuously rewound there are no accidentally or deliberately disposed towels into the commode causing costly plumbing stoppages. The continuous roll design helps eliminate floor clean up and waste collection to directly cut down maintenance service.
  • Paper-based continuous roll towels eliminate the need to store soiled potentially germ-gathering cloth towels. In addition to not having to store soiled cloth rolls, Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels are more sanitary as they remove more bacteria from hands than cloth rolls or air dyers.
  • Nature’s Linen continuous rolls are soft to the touch and are more absorbent than both cloth and standard paper towels which extends the life of a roll.
  • Nature’s Linen roll is able to be dispensed from any existing traditional cloth roll towel dispenser. Retrofit kits, which are installed in minutes inside your current unit, make the transition from cloth to paper easier than ever.
    • Description of dispenser specifications and benefits and partner link of (dispenser manufacturer).
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Nature’s Linen Towels and Wipers

From disposable larger bath towels to smaller quarter folds and rolls, the durability and functionality of Nature’s Linen towel and wiper products make them a perfect fit for various on-the-job wiping and cleaning requirements.


Dirt Gobbler

Dirt Gobbler®

Dirt Gobbler® - The Convenience Store Wiper

Dirt Gobbler® 500's & 900's are conveniently sized to fit under a counter or on a shelf for storage.  The tear away box allows easy access. The medium-duty wipers are lint free and are ideal to use on smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors and counter tops. Dirt Gobbler® wipers are ideal for industrial, janitorial and convenience store applications.

Available in three put-ups:

  • DG500 (12” x 13” 500 Count Flat Pack) – Tear-away box for dispensing
  • DG900 (12” x 13” – 6 inner boxes of 150 sheets each)
  • DG1500 (12” x 13” 1500 Count Flat Pack) – Tear-away box for dispensing


Disposable Bath Towels

Disposable Bath Towels

Disposable Bath Towels

Disposable bath towels are perfect for use in the remedial abatement environment since they allow containment of asbestos clean-up or chemical spills to remain within the work zone.  This gives disposable bath towels an edge over conventional cloth towels – no laundering involved.

Disposable bath towels are also used as an alternative drying material at YMCA’s, spas, public pools and truck stops eliminating high volumes of laundry and replacement costs.

Since Midwest Specialty Products provides custom converting, we can offer widths in virtually any size. Our standard widths are 15 in. and 20 in.  and are available in white and blue two ply or four ply Scrim and white Airlaid.