Why Midwest Specialty Products?

Dennis Reimer - President and Owner

"We build strong relationships with each of our customers to better serve their unique needs."

Dennis Reimer
President and Owner


At Midwest Specialty Products we strive to be highly responsive to our customers’ needs. It all begins as we simply and ardently do what we promise.  Our team understands that every customer is unique. We build strong, working relationships with our customers and suppliers. In these relations we are able to integrate cutting-edge, non-woven and paper-based products to our offerings, understand client needs and provide specific products and support. Rapidly and with flexibility, we promise to ship products within specification and on time.

We encourage you to give Midwest Specialty Products a call today and discover for yourself what it is like to truly have a partner working for you and your unique needs.


Since 2005, Dennis Reimer has served Midwest Specialty Products as president and owner. Pulling from his nearly 30 years of experience in the specialty converting industry, Dennis guides Midwest Specialty Products with a focus on developing specialized products serving niche markets. Dennis strives to empower Midwest employees to be engaged and involved in delivering highly responsive, relationship-oriented customer care.