Nature’s Linen Continuous Roll Towels

Our continuous roll towels are an excellent disposable alternative to cloth towel rolls. Eliminate the need for laundering and mending with this cost-effective option. Switching to Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels will save you valuable time. Forget having to track, count, store, pick up, and return cloth rolls. Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels are easily disposed of with other waste.

These continuous roll towels also prevent many of the headaches that come with standard paper towel hand-drying stations. The continuous roll design helps eliminate floor clean-up, prevents plumbing stoppages caused by deliberate disposal in commodes, and reduces the need for maintenance services.

Learn more about our Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels below.

The Cleaner, More Hygienic Hand-Drying Solution

Now, more than ever, customers care about stopping the spread of germs, so ditch outdated cloth towel rolls for a cleaner, more hygienic hand-drying solution. Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels are more sanitary and remove more bacteria from hands than cloth rolls or air dryers.

Unlike cloth rolls, Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels aren’t dependent on “correct” laundering to remove contaminates. They also eliminate the need to store soiled and potentially germ-gathering cloth towels.

Continuous Roll Towels Sizing and Specifications

Each roll of Nature’s Linen continuous roll towel is guaranteed to be the same length every time – 9-3/4″ wide x 110′-0″ long. Reinforced with polyester strands, these towels are very durable and difficult to tear.

Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels can be dispensed from any existing traditional cloth roll towel dispenser. Retrofit kits, which are installed in minutes inside your current unit, make the transition from cloth to paper easier than ever.

Nature’s Linen continuous roll towels are available in 4-ply white in the following counts:

  • Part # 32038 – 24 count
  • Part # 32043 – 12 count

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