Contract Converting

At Midwest Specialty Products we take pride in providing the best solutions to our clients. We offer relationship-oriented service with our partner clients, delivering the products you need, when you need them. Choose from a variety of packaging options and sizes:

  • Pop-Ups
  • Rolls
  • Flat Pack

The machinery and materials we use are key to customizing and producing the delivered product.


We are capable of producing flat sheets, quarter, sixth and eighth folds, rolls and custom converting applications. We operate a 13 in. and 17 in. cutoff Hudson Sharp as well as a 17 in. cutoff PCMC folding machines.  Our laminating process is able to produce two, three, and four-ply materials half to one inch of trim on each side. We are also able to shrink wrap and sleeve rolls sized to 80 in.



Scrim reinforced material is strong, durable, and lint free. It is made from multiple layers of tissue reinforced by a grid of polyester threading. This combination creates an economical wiping tool with extra scrub strength and superior wipe-dry properties. Scrim products are ideal for use on windows, mirrors, counter tops and any smooth surface. It also acts well as a general wiper and absorbs water and oil. “Best general wiper ever made”.


Airlaid material is soft, non-woven material that yields high absorbency with low lint. Products made from it are ideal for oils, grease, inks, or as a general wiper.

Double Re-Creped Cellulose (DRC)

DRC is a very durable, non-woven material made of wood pulp and binders. The double creped process gives the material unique stretch, softness, and wipe-dry properties. DRC is medium-linting and provides excellent absorbency of water, grease, and oil. It is ideal for automotive and janitorial applications.


Spunlace is a mixture of cellulose and polypropylene formed into a nonwoven material through the wet laid and hydroentangled process.  Spunlace is a versatile high quality wiper with desirable characteristics such as – lint free, solvent resistant, super absorbent, biodegradable, cloth like feel, and strength even when saturated. This solvent resistant material is great for cleaning up chemicals.

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