Nature’s Linen Napkins

Elevate your business and cut material costs with our versatile and absorbent line of Nature’s Linen napkins. Our disposable napkins offer a cleaner and more sanitary dining experience than linen while maintaining an upscale elegance your customers will appreciate.

The increased absorption of our napkins makes it easy to clean up spills while eliminating the expensive laundering, replacement, and storage costs of traditional linen.

Explore our wide range of napkin styles and customizable options below.

Airlaid Napkins

Our popular Airlaid napkins provide all the elegance of linen, without the high laundering and replacement costs. Impress your guests by creating fancy folds, fan folds, and other creative folds to elevate your table presentation. Our Airlaid napkins will hold whichever shape and style you choose.

Available in several styles to fit your dining needs, our Airlaid napkins are made with soft, natural fibers that can be disposed of alongside your regular trash. More absorbent than both paper and linen napkins, our Airlaid napkins also reduce consumption to save you money.

Looking for a multi-purpose option? Customers love to use our Airlaid napkins as breadbasket liners to lock in warmth, provide an upscale dining experience, and make clean up easy. 

Black Tweed DRC Napkins

Our durable black tweed DRC napkins provide a truly upscale dining experience. Incredibly absorbent and stronger than other disposable napkins, they feature a fabric texture and a classy pattern that makes a statement.

These napkins are a great alternative to expensive linen napkins and provide huge cost savings.

Looking for another color? Let us customize our tweed DRC napkins to fit your brand. While black is our standard offering, other colors of our tweed DRC napkins are available with volume orders.  

White/Black Tissue Napkins

Our tissue napkins offer an economic and elegant solution. Our 10×10” design is a classic option to serve alongside beverages while our 15×17” tissue napkins are perfect for dinner tables.

Attention to detail and coin embossed edges elevate the appearance of these 2-ply tissue napkins.

Looking for another color to match your business or décor?

While we currently offer our tissue napkins in white and black, additional colors will be available soon.

Please inquire with our team to learn more about how we can customize our products to fit your needs.

Natural DRC Napkins

Our natural DRC napkins are better for the planet and your wallet.

Made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers and an additional 10-15% recycled fibers, these napkins are the perfect choice for sustainably-minded restaurants and businesses.

Absorbent, durable, and stronger than other disposable napkins, our natural DRC napkins provide an earth-friendly alternative to high-cost linen and cloth napkins.

Made with soft, natural fibers, they also work well as bread basket liners, making them a versatile option for any dining establishment.

Custom Printed Napkins

Highlight your brand with our high-quality custom printed napkins, available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our team to create photo-real, vivid-color images, detailed designs, and collated options.

Personalizing your napkins doesn’t have to be expensive. We use digital images to print, so you never have to worry about plate charges or set-up fees. We can even include multiple images within the same case pack. The creative design possibilities are endless when you partner with Midwest Specialty Products.

Build your brand by including high-quality, eye-catching designs and logos on your choice of napkins.

Explore our full line of Nature’s Linen products in our 2023 Product Catalog.

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