Nature’s Linen is Midwest Specialty Products brand of food service, continuous roll towel, and industrial products. Nature’s Linen is the disposable alternative to cloth napkins, wipers, and towels. Increased absorption and versatility of Nature’s Linen Food Service products cuts laundering, replacement, and storage costs of linen while maintaining the same upscale elegance. Nature’s Linen Disposable CRT’s are the alternative to traditional cloth roll towel and standard paper towel hand drying.
Nature’s Linen Industrial Wipers are the perfect choice for all of your industrial wiper needs. Our Industrial Wipers come in flat pack, pop-up, and roll format with your choice of materials. And our Disposable Bath Towels are perfect for use in the remedial abatement environment since they allow containment of asbestos clean-up or chemical spills to remain within the work zone – no laundering involved. Disposable bath towels are also used as an alternative drying material at YMCA’s, spas, public pools and truck stops eliminating high volumes of laundry and replacement costs.
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