Nature’s Linen Food Service

Nature’s Linen® is the disposable alternative to cloth napkins, wipers, and towels. Increased absorption and versatility of Nature’s Linen food service products cuts laundering, replacement, and storage costs of linen while maintaining the same upscale elegance.

Nature’s Linen food service products are designed for dining, lavatory, and kitchen use. Upgrade your customer’s experience and cut material costs with the versatility of Nature’s Linen Airlaid products.

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Nature’s Linen napkins offer elegance to guests at an affordable price. They allow your business to maintain the linen feel while not having to worry about laundering or the replacement cost of lost or stolen napkins. Nature’s Linen napkins’ soft, airlaid material can be tossed with regular trash. We offer several napkin styles to fit your dinning needs:

Airlaid Flat Pack Napkins: Our flat pack napkins can be used as basket liners or napkins to wrap silverware. The multipurpose napkin is more durable and absorbent than conventional two-ply tissue and feels more like linen.

Airlaid Folded Napkins: Our folded napkins are perfect replacements for cloth napkins while still providing a touch of elegance at any dining setting.  Airlaid folded napkins are available in the following folds and sizes:

  • 15” x 17” 1/8 Fold Napkin
  • 17” x 17” 1/8 Fold Napkin
  • 12” x 17” 1/6 Fold Guest Towel Napkin
  • 8” x 17” 1/4 Fold Guest Towel Napkin
  • 10” x 10” 1/4 Fold Cocktail Napkin

Guest Towels

Nature’s Linen guest towels are designed for all types of establishments wishing to furnish guests with absorbent softness without the high cost of real linen. Guest Towels are perfect for hand drying in lavatories, but can also be used in the dining room.

Anti-Microbial Wipers

Say goodbye to odor-prone cloth towels with Nature’s Linen Food Service wipers. They are designed for all types of kitchens concerned with reducing possible cross-contamination, bacteria, and mold growth. Our food service wipers contain an antimicrobial property within the wiper which inhibits the growth of microorganisms and resists stains. The antimicrobial properties will remain for the life of the wiper. The wiper is reusable.

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