Product Development

Specialty Products

Midwest Specialty Products works closely with its clients to supply them with the products that best fit their needs. From the beginning of the developing process to the final packaged product, we work together with our clients as partners to ensure we furnish a product we can both be proud of.

At Midwest Specialty Products, we are committed to lessening our impact on the environment. In shrinking our footprint, we are consistently working to incorporate unique applications for biodegradable materials. No chemicals are used in our laminating or converting processes.

Custom Packaging & Labeling

From customizing your product to customizing the packaging and labeling, let Midwest Specialty Products work with you to be your one-stop for non-woven and paper-based wipers, towels and napkins. We are able to customize shipping packages to display your company’s logo. We can also customize the product label to suit your inventory and stocking needs.

Contact us to discuss custom packaging and labeling solutions for your business.