QR Codes – Old

QR stands for “quick response” and a QR code is a barcode that can contain a lot of data and be read very quickly. QR code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, typically made up of black and white pixel patterns. They were invented in 1994 in Japan for use in the automotive industry.

With the recent pandemic challenging business and restaurant operations, many establishments want to maintain as much social distance as possible and reduce the chance for exposure to the Coronavirus. QR codes have been popping up everywhere. Simply scan the QR code on your phone and you can be taken to a web page.

Midwest Specialty Products can help you leverage QR codes for your business. Simply add a QR code on your custom printed napkins to enable your customers to access your web page, Facebook page, menu, or other advertising medium. You can use one QR code and change the content or you can use multiple QR codes for each unique offering.

To learn how to leverage printed napkins and QR codes for your business, contact Pat Garrigan (pgarrigan@mspconverting.com or call 800-296-1884), Midwest Specialty Products sales team today!