Midwest Specialty Products has embarked on a journey to become a more sustainable business.  Already a socially responsible company, we are committed to integrating sustainability an integral part of our core values going forward, and are actively pursuing certifications that will hold us accountable to our sustainability pledges.  

Midwest Specialty Products has long embraced social responsibility as a core value, supporting our employees, customers, and community:

  • Committed to Employees:
    • Provide secure, competitively paying jobs for all of our employees, even during the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Adhere to strict hygiene and physical distancing protocols to ensure our employees’ continued health and well-being during COVID-19
  • Committed to Customers and Users
    • Embrace innovation for the highest quality products possible
    • Offer unparalleled customer support
  • Committed to Communities
    •  Donate to both local and national non-profits in the areas of education, disability, arts, education, healthcare, planet, and racial justice

Recently, we made the decision to incorporate sustainability as integral part of our commitment to “social responsibility.” The overall well-being of our employees and communities is closely connected to the well-being of our planet. So, moving forward, Midwest Specialty Products will prioritize the inclusion of sustainable practices in everything we do. Positive steps have already been taken in several areas:

  • Recycled materials. In 2016, we transitioned our packaging boxes from 50% to 75% recycled content.
  • Cleaner, more efficient energy. In 2019, we converted all of our lightbulbs to LED energy efficient lightbulbs, reducing energy consumption 80-90%, and completed the transition to electrically powered forklifts (from propane-powered).
  • Circular economy. 100% of the waste we generate is either recycled or converted into other products – an important first step to achieving a circular system

In addition, we are committed to supporting places where forests have been lost or degraded, and supporting organizations that undertake restoration or reforestation projects to accelerate the recovery of forests.  

For Midwest Specialty products, being socially responsible means we must also be environmentally responsible. We believe a better future is possible, and take seriously the role we play as a business to create responsible, sustainable systems for people, communities and our planet.

View the MSP Sustainability Roadmap