The Clean Experience

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First impressions are everything

In a fast-paced world, people are expecting more — more food services, more self-serve options, and a cleaner experience. Keeping your customers loyal often comes down to appearance: How clean is your store?

Cloth rags retain moisture, increasing the growth and spread of bacteria

We offer a cleaner choice. Your food service area is becoming more important to your store’s success, and your customers know clean when they see it. Our Nature’s Linen disposable industrial wipers offer a cleaner choice. They’re more sanitary than rented rags, eliminating the possibility of dangerous cross contamination between the bathrooms and the food prep areas. Rags retain moisture, leading to the growth and spread of bacteria. We have a better way.

Close at hand

With more self-serve food stations, more spills are inevitable. Our convenient and innovative packaging styles make for quick access and easy stowing, ensuring your wipers are always within an employee’s reach. We offer multiple styles of superior package design, including tear-away boxes that allow for easy storage on counters, and rolls that allow you quick access for bigger cleanup jobs.

It’s the cost-effective choice

By switching to our disposable industrial wipers, clients can save up to 50% over their current cloth rag cleaning programs. Our scrim-reinforced wipers are stronger and perform better than plain paper towels, requiring fewer sheets to get the same job done. Our super-absorbent design picks up spills better than cloth rags. Our wipers create less waste because they don’t fall apart like paper towels, and they eliminate the need for storing dirty rags.

“Cleanliness…strongly affects customer satisfaction and choice.”

— Boston Consulting Group, summarizing results of survey of 2000 c-store consumers “The Evolving Convenience-Store Consumer”

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